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At the stage of the readiness of your research paper, and also subject to the positive feedback from the supervisor (consultants) and reviewers, the work of the applicant is submitted for consideration. This procedure is called a pre-defense dissertation and is in the nature of a dress rehearsal before defending work on a dissertation council. Persons who have successfully passed the state final certification are issued a state-issued diploma confirming completion of graduate school and confirming receipt of higher education under the graduate school program, and the qualification “Teacher-researcher” is awarded. At the time of successful pre-defense, passing qualification exams at the state final certification and obtaining a diploma, your postgraduate studies are considered completed, and the stage of preparing documents for the dissertation council, in which your defense will take place, begins. We will assist you in collecting a complete set of documents that are required for submission to the dissertation council. We will write draft reviews of reviewers, the supervisor, reviews of the leading organization, the first and second and third (in defense of the doctoral dissertation) opponents.

Thanks to reliable connections in the scientific world, each of the reviews we have prepared can be signed and certified. Thus, at this stage of cooperation, you receive comprehensive support in the preparation of documentation support for the defense of your dissertation. We also provide the service as turnkey demystifying dissertation writing, which includes:

  • direct writing of the text of the dissertation with free modifications;
  • writing an abstract;
  • fulfillment of the list of scientific articles, the possibility of their publication in leading journals in accordance with the passport of your specialty;
  • selection of reviewers for the dissertation, abstract and articles, if necessary;
  • implementation of a graduate student report for the department;
  • rehearsal and preparation for the defense of the candidate dissertation.

The price of a candidate dissertation on a turnkey order is calculated taking into account your topic, requirements for the uniqueness of the candidate, the volume and quantity of material required for delivery. In any case, your savings with a complex order will be up to 30%, which will significantly save your budget and time.

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